The document reports results for Task 2.2 – Characterisation of AMIS and other sensors connected to the grid.

This H2020 project is funded by the European Commission (GA No. 864360) and is made up of nine partners from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Belgium and France.

In order to prepare the baseline and framework for the software tools and overall solution architecture that will be developed within INTERPRETER project, the Advanced Metering Infrastructure and other sensors connected to low voltage grids have been evaluated.

The starting point for this study has been an analysis of the current status of metering systems in low voltage networks, addressing: the architecture of smart metering systems, provided data and functionalities, communication technologies and related standards.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of current trends regarding the characterization of Advanced Metering Infrastructure and other sensors present in Low Voltage grids. This analysis is then benchmarked against the AMI available at the three demo sites of INTERPRETER project: DTU SYSLAB facilities, CUERVA living lab & distribution network, and ORES distribution network.

These three demo sites will be used to test ten software tools, five of them focused on the efficient operation and maintenance of the grid, and other five dealing with effective grid planning. These tools must be supplied with data from AMIs and other dispersed sensors along the grid, and this report evaluates to what extent the advanced metering infrastructure present in the three pilots will be useful for this purpose.

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