As for any innovation project, it is important to objectively assess the performances of the INTERPRETER developments.

To do so, a set of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been defined, and summarized in the deliverable D7.1, available on the Results page (Result #7).

Three major categories of KPIs are introduced: a) the grid improvement KPIs, which are related to the technical, environmental and economic assessment of the INTERPRETER solution, b) the accuracy/efficiency KPIs per tool, which basically evaluate the degree of compliance to the use case requirements of each tool and c) the Information Technology (IT) KPIs for the whole INTERPRETER platform.

The deliverable contains a literature review regarding the categories of KPIs in general as well as an extensive analysis of each proposed KPI, in terms of calculation methodology, data sources, business interpretation, target values, etc.

Task 7.1 is included in WP7, which aims to test and validate the grid modelling tool, the various applications for efficient management and effective planning of the grid and the overall solutions with the support of the Distribution System Operators (DSOs) involved in the INTERPRETER project. The outcome of this Task will contribute to the rest of WP7 by providing the indicators according to which the results of the INTERPRETER platform shall be evaluated.

The full deliverable is publicly available on the Results page (Result #7).