The Site

A portion of the grid located in Láchar and operated by Grupo Cuerva will be the main Spanish demonstration site. This portion of the grid consists of 1 secondary substation 20 kV / 400 V with 11 low voltage feeders and 270 supply points, with several prosumers in this grid.

In order to have real time data of the entire grid, Grupo Cuerva has digitalised the full grid, from the secondary substation to the supply point.
Several tools developed in the INTERPRETER project will be tested and validated in this portion of the grid, such as the Digital Twin Creation Tool, the Predictive maintenance and the Congestion and Unbalances Prediction tools.


INTERPRETER for the Site

The algorithms developed during the INTERPRETER project will help and support a DSO like Grupo Cuerva to have an active management of its grid, improving KPIs that are critical for this type of utility, such as non-technical losses, predictive maintenance of its assets and improvement of the grid configuration to balance loads and generation.


Most of the tools that are being developed under the INTERPRETER framework can be tested in this site thanks to the digitalisation process that Grupo Cuerva has done and is still doing in the whole distribution grid and particularly in this area. The high amount of data available on site will be used to validate the algorithms created in the INTERPRETER project.