The Site

SYSLAB is a lab facility for research in intelligent energy systems. The present system contains a very flexible power infrastructure with a variable network topology with real wind turbines, pv systems, genset, storage units and flexible consumption units in the form of three houses with different heating options. Furthermore, a number of charging points are part of the facility.

The main characteristic of the demonstration site is the high level of automation and flexibility of control topology and controller implementation. SYSLAB also has an extensive measurement and data logging system with 1Hz measurements of all voltages, currents, and active reactive powers for lines as well as for the 30+ devices in lab.


INTERPRETER for the Site

The tests foreseen in the INTERPRETER project can contribute to the growing cases that documents the capabilities and flexibility of the infrastructure. It will contribute to the development of applied use cases with more complex controllers that will be part of the controller library available for extensions and further developments, thus increasing the scope of utilisation of SYSLAB.


SYSLAB can provide long term time series of pv and wind power with 1s time resolution. With the detailed knowledge of the system, it can be used as demonstration site to verify the algorithms for operation of LV networks. The test cases can include different topologies and can even be modified during the test as part of control actions and flexible consumption, which can be controlled to mitigate voltage or congestion situations. The control algorithms can be easily tested using the software stack that can run either on a central computer or in a distributed way using the local computers at each system resource.