The Site

ORES selected a part of its electrical low-voltage network in the region of Aye. This region is essentially rural with village-type houses widely separated and a few small businesses.
The network comprises 6 substations (MV) delivering electricity to approximately 400 households. The distribution incudes two LV standards: 3 x 230V or 3 x 400V+N. Some 25% of the supply points are prosumers with photovoltaic decentralised production. In addition, smart meters are currently being installed in the proposed demonstration site’s network with growing coverage.


INTERPRETER for the Site

ORES is mainly interested in the grid model algorithms developed in the INTERPRETER project as they allow the reconstruction of the network topology from smart meters data measurements and getting a better and more accurate documentation of its Grid-Cutomers connectivity.
Based on that, the INTERPRETER tools can be implemented and tested on site. ORES intends to concentrate on non-technical losses identification and description of network’s potential to accept decentralised production, electrical vehicles charging stations, heat pump houses heating / cooling etc.


ORES data will be useful to the partners of the INTERPRETER project in the frame of the “low availability” data scenario, since the smart meters coverage for ORES is at an early stage. Nevertheless, the Aye region being considered as a pilot region for developing new tools and models, additional data and cross-references, including substations measurements, will be widely available, which can lead to further validations of the model towards the exact field situation.